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Poynter Law Group is particularly skilled in mass injury and class action cases, but also works with businesses and individuals on multiple areas of the law such as personal injury, wrongful death, health law, domestic relations, governmental regulation, legislation, contracts, and environmental issues. 

Our Work:

Scott Poynter argues about forced arbitration in DirecTV v. Murray before the Arkansas Supreme Court.

CBS Saturday Morning talks about Ladra v. New Dominion and the unanimous jurisdictional ruling from the Oklahoma Supreme Court.

Some Current Cases:

Ladra v. New Dominion, Spess Oil:  Personal injury action brought by Praque, Oklahoma resident suffering from leg injuries due to falling rock from her fireplace and chimney during the November 2011 man-made earthquakes caused by nearby oil and gas wastewater injection wells.  


Cooper v. New Dominion, Spess Oil:  Class action lawsuit brought on behalf central Oklahoma residents suffering property and market value damages to their homes and businesses after the man-made earthquakes shook residents in November 2011.

Sierra Club v. Chesapeake, et al:  An injunctive relief action under the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act ("RCRA") designed to create injection well moratorium areas and reduction of wastewater volumes and pressures to eliminate dangerous man-made earthquakes in Oklahoma.


In re Syngenta MIR 162 AG Corn Litigation:  Scott was appointed to the Plaintiff's Executive Committee in this multidistrict federal action by Judge Lungstrum of the District of Kansas. The action includes thousands of corn and milo farmers claiming the contamination of the U.S. Corn market with MIR 162 genetically modified corn caused the loss of the Chinese corn market and billions of dollars in lost revenue for American farmers.  


Thunder on the Mountain Litigation:  Class action brought on behalf of Arkansans asserting online ticket purchasers were damaged by the last minute cancellation of the musical festival in Ozark, Arkansas, which was supposedly to feature artists Carrie Underwood, Zach Brown Band, and Big & Rich.  Although refunds were promised, none have been given because the organizers of the festival are more focused on suing one another in Kansas and Delaware.



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