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Three New Earthquake Damage Settlements in Oklahoma

If You Suffered Damage From The Earthquakes in Oklahoma Between April 16, 2013 And the Effective Date, You May Be Eligible For A Payment From Three Class Action Settlements.

$3,265,000.00 in settlements have been reached in a class action lawsuit about whether Territory Resources, LLC (“Territory”); Cummings Oil Company (“Cummings”); and Tarka Energy, LLC (“Tarka”) operated wastewater disposal wells that allegedly contributed to causing the earthquakes near Pawnee, Oklahoma and also in other areas in Oklahoma occurring within the Settlement Class Period. The Settlements resolve any and all claims against Territory, Cummings, and Tarka alleged to arise from earthquakes that occurred between April 16, 2013 and the Effective Date with epicenters within the State of Oklahoma, including but not limited to the 5.8m earthquake near Pawnee on September 3, 2016. Territory, Cummings, and Tarka dispute and deny all of the allegations made by the Plaintiff. The lawsuit will continue against the remaining defendant EnerVest Operating, L.L.C. (hereafter “Non-Settling Defendant”).

Of the total Settlement Fund of $3,265,000.00, Territory is providing $2,075,000.00, Cummings is providing $815,000.00, and Tarka is contributing another $375,000.00 in cash consideration. Territory, Cummings, and Tarka are referred to here as the “Settling Defendants.

You may be eligible to participate in the proposed Settlements, if they are finally approved, if you owned or have had an interest in residential or commercial real estate properties within the borders of Oklahoma between April 16, 2013 and the Effective Date and suffered earthquake damages from earthquakes near Pawnee, Oklahoma or other seismicity in other areas of Oklahoma.

The Settlements will provide benefits to those who qualify. You will need to file a Claim Form to receive benefits from the Settlements.

Please visit for more information about how to file your claim and your legal rights in regard to this class action settlement.

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