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Support Aaron Manning, the Little Rock Dispatcher Fired After Self-Quarantine

A petition has recently started to voice support for Aaron Manning, a Little Rock 911 Dispatcher that self-quarantined due to possible exposure to COVID-19.

You may sign the petition at

Aaron Manning is a 23 year veteran of the Little Rock Police Department, having served as a police officer and, most recently, as a 911 dispatcher. On April 14th, he was fired for his self-quarantine after a fellow City employee put everyone at risk of COVID-19.

In March, a fellow 911 communications employee's relative took advantage of cheap cruise line tickets, and booked a cruise at times many cruise ships were not being allowed to port due to problems associated with the coronavirus. Although Aaron and other co-workers advised against it, the fellow employee flew to Houston to pick up her relative from the cruise and then drove with the cruise line passenger back to Little Rock.

Aaron has a young daughter and is also the primary care giver for his elderly parents. Most concerning, is that his mother is terminally ill with congestive heart failure. Aaron could not put his family at risk. He asked supervisors if the other employee could be tested, or asked to self-quarantine, but told no. He asked if he could take un-paid leave and self-quarantine then. Again, the answer was no. All of this even though the City of Little Rock was advising its employees and citizens against taking risks that could spread the virus, and to stay at home if possibly exposed.

Other fellow employees felt the same way as Aaron, and also shared his concerns. Given his mother's illness, that he father is at an at-risk age, and that he didn't want to expose his daughter to the risk either he decided to tell his supervisors he had to self-quarantine. He advised his supervisors of his forced, but necessary decision.

Just before his self-quarantine was to end, he advised his supervisors that he wished to be placed back on the schedule. On the day he was supposed to work, he was called and told not to report for duty. Several days later, he was asked to report the next morning to his Captain's office. That next morning, April 14th, he met with the Captain and the Chief of Police, and was unfairly fired.

Aaron did everything right to not place anyone in harms way. Something he has been doing for the City of Little Rock for nearly 24 years. He is a decorated and admired retired police officer with an exemplary record. He has worked at local schools off-duty to help with security, and has continuously served others. Put simply, the City of Little Rock's decision makes no sense at all.

Consider voicing your support for Aaron today. Sign the petition, please, at

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