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Summit Utilities Sued in Class Action Lawsuit

This morning, Poynter Law Group sued Summit Utilities in a class action lawsuit designed to help customers of the gas utility from skyrocketing gas bills and improper billing practices.

Arkansans have been complaining recently that their monthly gas bills are two, three, to even four times higher in recent months, and that payments they have made aren't posted properly. Summit blames the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and higher gas prices.

The suit seeks declarations from the Court that its dramatic jumps in monthly bills is against its duty of good faith and fair dealing to its customers and amounts to price-gouging. Further, the class case prays for the Court's intervention by allowing customers to stop making monthly payments, order Summit to not disconnect anyone for non-payment; at least until the Court is able to determine the true facts and render its decision.

For a copy of the Class Action Complaint click below.

Summit 2023.03.02 COMPLAINT - Class Action
Download PDF • 187KB

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