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PLG Work for Clients of Failed Glenn Beck Cruise

Poynter Law Group has been retained by clients who spent tens of thousands of dollars for the Glenn Beck Cruise Thru History, which was cancelled without any refunds or credits.

The "Cruise Thru History" was to set sail in March of 2020, and cruise through the Mediterranean and visit Italy, Croatia, Greece, and Israel. In addition to Glenn Beck, other celebrities such as Bill O'Reily, David Barton, Rabbi Lapin, and Tim Ballard were to serve as hosts.

Due to the pandemic, the cruise was postponed and then postponed again. But eventually, it was cancelled without any refunds to the many would be customers previously paying tens of thousands of dollars to the cruise organizers.

If this happened to you, we want to try and help. Please fill out our form at and so we have your information.

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