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Nursing Homes Stimulus Scams

This is not okay.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, several nursing homes and assisted living facilities are attempting to take the stimulus checks of their residents on Medicaid. Those residents are also being forced to sign over those funds to the facility, claiming that they are allowed to keep the stimulus check because the resident is on Medicaid. Poynter Law Group sees this as flat-out wrong.

Due to the CARES Act, those stimulus payments are counted as a tax credit. Tax law states that tax credits don't count as resources for federal benefit programs such as Medicaid. For proof of this law, click here.

This is not just a horror story making the rounds," FTC's Elder Justice Coordinator Lois Greisman says. "These are actual reports that our friends in the Iowa Attorney General's Office have been getting -- and handling. Other states have seen the same."

This is not the first of the headaches that the COVID-19 crisis has caused. In March our class action law firm blogged about how airlines are refusing to issue refunds for cancelled flights.

Are you or a loved one losing your stimulus checks to a nursing home or assisted living facility, or not receiving your refund on a cancelled flight? If you're looking for a class action lawyer to assist you, Poynter Law Group is ready to help. Please send an email to attorney Scott Poynter at Your initial consultation is free.

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