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Business Losses Suffered From Coronavirus Pandemic Are Recoverable

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Many businesses have had to close their doors and reduce capacity in the wake of COVID-19. Sometimes businesses have insurance to cover interruptions like this. Unfortunately, many insurance companies are denying coverage.

Businesses with this problem have begun to fight this battle in courts across the Country. Indeed, litigation against insurance companies is ramping up greatly by businesses negatively impacted due to Coronavirus and COVID-19, and that purchased insurance to cover these kinds of losses.

Casinos in Vegas, multiple businesses in Pennsylvania, and tribal nations in Oklahoma are only some of those that have recently sued their insurance carriers for wrongfully denying coverage for their business interruptions losses from Coronavirus and COVID-19.

We can help businesses that have suffered losses and have had their insurance company deny the coverage they bought and paid for. Call or email us today.

Email Scott at, or call him at 501-812-3943.

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