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Is Summit Over-Billing You and Taking your Money?

Many Arkansans are complaining of skyrocketing natural gas bills after Summit bought out CenterPoint Energy. Customers are seeing bills three to four times the cost of their past bills under CenterPoint's watch.

Making matters even worse, customers are also complaining that Summit takes money from their bank accounts in autopay plans they didn't even subscribed to, and of course, customers also worry that if they don't pay Summit that it will just turn off their gas service and they won't be able to keep warm or take hot showers.

Poynter Law Group has clients ready to file lawsuits to stop this abuse. Join our fight by filling out our complaint form and so we can provide the Court information about all of Summit's wrongdoing.

Click this link to tell us about your problems with Summit:

By clicking the link above and filling out our complaint form you are not being represented by Poynter Law Group. Instead, you are simply agreeing to allow us to use your information publicly and in Court with our current clients, and to demonstrate the gravity of the problems with Summit. Thank you for allowing us to do so.

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