• Scott Poynter


There is a robocaller scam going around now in Arkansas, and most likely everywhere, that is as frustrating as it is illegal. The scam begins with a call from what looks like a local number. In reality, it's a spoofed phone number and an automated sales call designed to sell health insurance. We believe the caller will sometimes say they are calling from the "Health Enrollment Center."

When you answer the phone call there is typically a recorded message, which often says they are returning your call for more information about health insurance. Obviously, you never made such a contact, but there are many other problems with these spam phone calls.

The automated sales call violates both federal and state laws. Even the fact that a local number is spoofed is a violation of Arkansas law. Federal law is violated simply by placing the automated and random marketing call. It is also believed the the policies sold violate the law because the persons selling the insurance are not properly licensed. The additional concern is the policies themselves are possibly worthless.

If you have suffered from such a phone call, and even if you didn't buy the insurance, please let us know by emailing

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