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College Student’s Landlords. Do They Take Advantage?

Graduation or even just finishing up the school year should be a happy time. But some parents are reporting that the apartment complex their student checked out of - hit them with a big bill.

It appears to be an unethical landlord strategy in college towns where the student checks out, and sometimes the parents even swoop in to clean the apartment top to bottom, but the landlord sends a huge cleaning bill to mom and dad to pay anyway.

Protect yourself. This fall as you move your students into college apartment life, be sure to document everything in the apartment. Take pictures. Take videos. Send a letter to the landlord detailing the carpet wasn’t clean and had stains; that the stove was dirty and one of the burners wasn’t working properly. Document it all. Then, when the school year is over and the lease ends, be sure to document how sparkling clean you left the space. This proof will prove essential in potentially battling any landlord choosing to take advantage.

Poynter Law Group is here to represent those harmed in instances like these were groups of people are similarly harmed. Send your pictures, video and story to:

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