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Arkansas Family Pharmacies' Fight Against the PBMs Moves Forward

Poynter Law Group and its team of attorneys represent over 100 family pharmacies in Arkansas fighting anticompetitive practices by Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) throughout The Natural State.

This past week, the federal court in Little Rock denied PBM OptumRx's motions to dismiss the action and most all of its arguments. Now, the claims against OptumRX will proceed into discovery in the action presided over by Judge James Moody, Jr.

Based upon certain contractual terms in Express Scripts alleged agreement, the claims of our independent pharmacists in Arkansas have been transferred to federal court in St. Louis. There, we hope Judge Moody's decision lays the groundwork for a favorable decision by the federal judge in St. Louis and that her decision will be made sometime soon.

If you own a pharmacy in Arkansas or Missouri, please email us at to discuss how you may join this battle against the abusive practices of PBMs. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you a copy of Judge Moody's decision.

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