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Purchasers of JUUL E-Cigarettes File False Advertising Suit

Several class action cases have been filed around the Country claiming that JUUL and its advertisers marketed JUUL's e-cigarettes to young people claiming they were safe to use, but knew they would create a nicotine addiction that the FDA characterizes as a teen vaping epidemic.

The CDC's Director has explained that the false marketing campaign to young people "threatens to erase progress made reducing tobacco use. It's putting a new generation at risk for nicotine addiction."

If your young person is facing this epidemic, or you know somebody that has suffered a personal injury from an e-cigarette, please allow Poynter Tucker to advise you, your family member, or your friend of your or their legal rights. Either write Scott at, or Clarke at

Poynter Tucker is focused on litigation, and representing clients wanting experienced trial lawyers to help them bring claims or defend claims in state or federal courts. We are involved in business litigation, consumer lawsuits, wrongful death cases and personal injury, healthcare and healthcare insurance litigation, employees with discrimination and/or pay problems, and shareholder and investor litigation.

Please let us know if you have a legal problem. The initial consultation is free.

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