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Central Oklahomans with Earthquake Damages Must File Lawsuits Immediately

Over the past several years, central Oklahoma has had nine different earthquake swarm areas with 4.0 magnitude earthquakes and above.

In order to remedy these problems, and in order to help those who suffered damages from all of that seismicity, we filed a class action petition in Logan County (often referred to as the Griggs Case).

In a hearing held in Logan County on November 16, 2018, the District Court ruled the case should NOT move forward as a class action.

This means everyone in the area that suffered earthquake damages from these nine different earthquake swarms will need to file a lawsuit to attempt to recover their losses.

IMPORTANT: If you suffered earthquake damages in central Oklahoma, you need to file a petition in Court very soon and to avoid statute of limitations problems.

If you suffered damages from the Prague earthquakes of November 2011, the Pawnee 5.8 magnitude quake of September 2016, or the Cushing 5.0 earthquake of November 2016, we still have class action petitions on file covering those earthquakes, and this recent order in the Griggs Case does not affect those cases.

Please contact Scott Poynter of Poynter Law Group for more information. You may reach him by email:

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