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Status Conference Set for Thursday in Stillwater

On Thursday at 1:30 p.m., Judge Phillip Corley will have a status conference in two class action cases regarding wastewater disposal induced earthquakes. The status conference will be held in Stillwater.

At issue is whether the two class actions, one involving nine areas of seismicity in central Oklahoma and the other addressing the 5.0-magnitude earthquake near Cushing in November of 2016, should remained stayed in favor of a federal class action case.

Attorneys for the two cases recently secured a class certification order against New Dominion in the induced seismicity case involving the series of quakes near Prague in November of 2011. That class certification order was entered by Judge Lori Walkley of Cleveland County District Court in July, and was appealed by New Dominion in August. Click Here.

Last week, the same attorneys filed two new induced seismicity cases related to the 5.8-magnitude quake near Pawnee of September 3, 2016 (the largest earthquake in Oklahoma).

The first filing involves a woman injured in the Pawnee earthquake and rendered permanently disabled. Click Here.

The second filing was made by Steadfast Insurance Company, a subsidiary of Zurich American Insurance Company, which paid nearly $325,000 in an earthquake insurance claim to the Pawnee Nation of Oklahoma. Steadfast is the first insurance company to ever file a subrogation lawsuit alleging that certain induced seismicity was caused by the oil and gas industry. Click Here.

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