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And the Frackquakes Keep Causing Damage

Just days after two earthquake class actions were put on hold by one Oklahoma court in the area, two substantial wastewater disposal created earthquakes seriously rattled areas in north-central Oklahoma.

On Sunday night, two, yes two, 4.2-magnitude earthquakes hit near Breckenridge and Enid, and caused damages to homes and businesses in the surrounding areas.

In fact, some homeowners and business owners reported split walls and bricks falling down.

Oklahoma's seismologist Jake Walter said, "These earthquakes are consistent with wastewater injection. Right now we're looking at the aftershocks." Walter also said the threat of continued earthquakes remains.

"The earthquake severity hazard will be high for the next several years because of the energy in those fault systems from previous, historical wastewater injection," Walter said.

If you have suffered damages from these earthquakes, please visit and report it.

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