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Now Disposal Well Operators Want Earthquake Lawsuits Shut Down

Tomorrow afternoon in the Payne County District Courthouse, multiple wastewater disposal well operators will present motions to halt earthquake cases on file in Stillwater and Guthrie.

The Stillwater case was brought by several home and business owners in Cushing that were devastated by the 5.0-magntude earthquake of November 2016. That case has been of file for over a year.

In Guthrie, another class action suit seeks relief for property owners damaged from about nine different earthquake swarm areas in central Oklahoma. That case was filed originally in January of 2016.

Plaintiffs in the two cases have assembled a team of lawyers that have over seven years of earthquake lawsuit experience, and are the only lawyers who have successfully battled the industry and won at the Oklahoma Supreme Court. In that case, the plaintiffs secured the right to a jury in Oklahoma's district courts for those harmed by the fracking wastewater disposal caused quakes across the state.

In their opposition briefs, the plaintiffs provide a history of earthquake litigation in Oklahoma, and also show that some cases have recently settled through mediation.

The opposition briefs filed in Payne County and Logan County are substantially the same. The brief filed in Logan County can be read by clicking HERE.

The hearing in the Payne County Courthouse, in Stillwater, begins at 1:30pm. Judge Corley is the presiding judge.

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