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Discovery Ongoing in Thunder on the Mountain Case


The case against the venture capital firms, The Madison Companies and Horsepower Entertainment, that were supposed to fund Thunder on the Mountain continues in the discovery process.

The managers of the music festival, Brett Mosiman, Pipeline Productions and Backwoods Entertainment, never responded to our complaint and a default judgment was entered against them previously.

Subpoenas have been issued to take the depositions of Mr. Mosiman and another former Pipeline employee, Nate Prenger. Those depositions are currently set in the Lawrence, KS and should be taken later this month.

Subpoenas have also been served on Creative Artists Agency ("CAA") and WME, which are the contracting agencies for the artists, like Carrie Underwood, the Zac Brown Band, and The Band Perry, who were supposed to appear at Thunder on the Mountain.

CAA has already produced documents with respect to its subpoena, and WME's documents should be producing its responsive documents soon. Depositions of employees at these two firms should occur within the next month.

Also, we have served Madison Companies and Horsepower Entertainment with documents requests pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, and further documents should be produced by them within a month. Additionally, we should be taking the deposition of Madison's Chairman and CEO within the same time frame.

The festival's managers and venture capital firms continue to sue one another. Earlier this month, Mr. Mosiman's case against the venture capital firms successfully defeated their motions to dismiss. Those firms sued Mr. Mosiman and his companies in Denver earlier this year.

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