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After a Storm, Shouldn't Your Roof be Re-Built to Code?

Arkansas has had its fair share of storms, but homeowners are getting a double whammy these days.

Several homeowner insurance companies are requiring their insureds to use roofers who are sometimes unlicensed, but often are not re-building the roofs to local roofing codes.

These decisions save the insurance companies a lot of money around Arkansas, but it hurts quality roofers who follow codes and it also hurts homeowners with un-safe roofs that will not last very long.

Making matters even worse is that many insurance policies require that the roof be put back within local roofing codes, but to save money many insurance companies are ignoring these provisions of the policies, and obviously, ignoring roofing codes and regulations.

Poynter Law Group represents roofing companies and homeowners suffering from these wrongful insurance practices.

Our fight has just begun, with class action cases being filed against Allstate, Safeco, State Farm, and Farm Bureau designed to stop this problem.

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