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Coming Soon: Erin Brockovich Meetings in Shawnee and Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Together with our co-counsel at Weitz & Luxenberg, we are preparing for upcoming earthquake symposiums in both Shawnee and Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Right now, we are working to secure venues for these two meetings for June 6th and 7th, and should have all the details very soon and will report them here.

This will be the first time that Erin has been able to visit the areas around Meeker and Prague, which were devastated by the induced earthquakes in the area in November of 2011.

During these symposiums Erin will discuss the tools necessary to bring resolution to these environmental problems, and we will also discuss the progress of the cases in Lincoln and Payne Counties.

The case brought by Sandra and Gary Ladra, which went to the Oklahoma Supreme Court and secured the right to a jury trial in these earthquake cases, goes to trial in Chandler on November 27th.

The Payne County class action focuses on the Cushing earthquake of November 2016, which was the most devastating quake to ever hit Oklahoma, and is set for a hearing on Defendants' motions to dismiss on May 31st, in Stillwater.

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