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Thunder on the Mountain Case Moves Forward

The class action case brought by purchasers of tickets, camping passes, parking passes, and vendors is moving forward in discovery. Depositions of witnesses began yesterday, and subpoenas are being served.

Presently, the case is being prosecuted against the venture capital firms alleged to have been partners in the Thunder on the Mountain festival to be held in Mulberry, Arkansas in June of 2015. Those defendants are Horsepower Entertainment and The Madison Companies.

The producer of the Thunder on the Mountain was to be Brett Mosiman and tickets were sold through his companies Pipeline Productions and Backwood Enterprises, all of which were also named as defendants in the class action suit. Each of these defendants failed to respond to the complaint, and the Court has entered default against them.

Plaintiffs in the suit are from Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri and seek to damages caused by the abrupt cancellation of the event, punitive damages (some tickets were sold after the organizers had sued one another in two different states and knew the festival would not occur), and their attorneys' fees.

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