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Meet Erin Brockovich in Pawnee, Cushing, and Stillwater

You're invited to meet and hear from Erin Brockovich this week.

Erin will be in Pawnee on Thursday. The meeting will begin at Noon, and will be held at the Pawnee Nation, Roam Chief Room, 810 N. Morris Road, Pawnee Oklahoma.

The next meeting will be in Cushing on the same day (Thursday, Jan. 12th), and will begin at 5:30pm at the Cushing High School Auditorium.

Erin will complete her meetings in Oklahoma on Friday, at Noon, at the "Little Theater" at Oklahoma State University's Student Union.

In addition to Ms. Brockovich's presentation at these three meetings, other speakers will discuss the man-made earthquakes in Oklahoma, how they are being caused, and how the oil and gas industry is handling these problems.

Also, our legal team will discuss how we are working to stop these man-made earthquakes, and also helping those whose homes and businesses have suffered damages from these fracking waste disposal caused earthquakes.

For more information, please email me at

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