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We pay a bunch for health insurance, so why do they feel the need to also steal from us?

Today, we are filing a class action lawsuit against UnitedHealthCare and OptumRX for stealing from its insureds.

Here is how their illegal scheme works.

You go into your local pharmacy to have a prescription filled, and your pharmacist collects your co-pay from you. But sometimes your prescription may cost less than your co-pay. Today, the pharmacist is forbidden by the insurance companies from telling you anything and must collect your entire co-pay and send it all to your insurance company. All of it.

I'm 52, and I remember back in the day my pharmacist would tell me when the price for my pills was less than my co-pay, and in order to save me money. I would just pay the lesser price. My have things changed. Our insurance companies are actually stealing from us, and making our local pharmacy help them.

We know the following drugs are probably less than your copay: Celebrex, Flonase, Zocor, Lipitor, Synthroid, and Neurontin. If you have prescriptions for any of these drugs, and paid a co-pay ... let us know.

We want to help.

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