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Please Take Part In the Earthquake Damages Survey

Oklahoma has more earthquakes than any other state in the continental United States - even more than California.

But what is terrible, is that none of these thousands of earthquakes are naturally occurring shakes. Instead, the oil and gas industry is causing damaging earthquakes to Oklahoma's homes, businesses, schools, and governmental buildings, and has turned a blind eye to it all.

Worse yet, there is nothing available to show where all the damages are, the extent of those damages, and how much it will cost to repair the damages from these man-made quakes.

Please help.

If you have damage to your home or your business, go to now and input your information on the home page. Ask the leaders of your schools and local governments to do the same, if those buildings have also suffered earthquake damage.

Please know that by doing this, you are not signing up to be in a lawsuit or asking me to be your lawyer. Simply, we need a survey of the damages and this will help us tremendously.

Thank you.

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