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You Pay Too Much for Your Prescriptions

Prescription drugs are expensive. Our insurance premiums are expensive. But what makes matters far worse is that small amounts of money are stolen from us on our less costly prescriptions.

Some prescriptions are priced less than our copays. That's right, some of the drugs we need are actually cheaper than our insurance copay.

But a provision in the contract between the pharmaceutical middleman and independent pharmacists (our local and most often privately owned pharmacies) requires the pharmacy to file all prescriptions against insurance, and require the patient to make their copay -- even when the drug's price is less than the copay!

Our local pharmacists are not to blame. They are forced to do this by the pharmaceutical and insurance companies, and they are required to forward all of the money taken from you to the insurance companies.

Simply put, this is a fraud and a theft against you. Help us put a stop to it.

If you have filled any of the prescriptions below at a local pharmacy (not something like Walgreens), then please let us know, because you more than likely paid way too much and will continue to do so.

Celebrex; Flonase, Zocor, Lipitor, Synthroid, and Neurontin.

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