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Pawnee Earthquake Meeting Oct. 29th

Pawnee Mayor Brad Sewell tours earthquake damages with Insurance Commissioner John Doak.

On Saturday, October 29th, the City of Pawnee and the Pawnee Nation will co-host a meeting to discuss the Labor Day Weekend 5.8 earthquake that shook the area. The meeting will be held at Noon, in the Pawnee Nation's Roam Chief Building, 810 Morris Rd, Pawnee, Oklahoma.

Geology professor Todd Halihan of Oklahoma State University will speak about the quake, its cause, and how expected after tremors were avoided. It's also expected that Prof. Halihan will talk about other seismicity in Oklahoma over the past several years, and how induced earthquakes can be avoided.

Pawnee Nation's Executive Director Andrew Knife Chief will speak, and his co-host Pawnee Mayor Brad Sewell will also talk about these man-made earthquake issues.

I will be available to answer all of your questions about what we are doing to help those affected.

Please come to the meeting.

If your home or business has suffered damages from Oklahoma's earthquakes, please input your information on so we can get a good assessment of what is going on and where all of the damages are.

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