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Work to be Done in Thunder

There is work to be done in Thunder on the Mountain. Will you help?

Right now our cases are stalled due to the venture capitalist defendants' appeal of the decision denying their motion to dismiss our claims in court in favor of arbitration.

The defendants want arbitration because things there are not public, there is no way to bring class action claims even when they are clearly appropriate, and moreover, because there is no right to a jury as constitutionally protected in our courts.

So we are waiting on the appeal, which we hope will be decided by the end of this year.

What can we do now? In federal court in Kansas, Brett Mosiman and his concert promotion companies have sued the venture capitalist involved in Thunder saying they owe him more than $10 million in damages. Simply put, our clients' damages are more important and should be placed ahead of Mr. Mosiman. One way to do so would be to ask the court in Kansas to let us in it to protect our clients' claims.

Do you want to help? Let me know by emailing me at

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