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Visiting Oklahoma

Today, I'm driving to Oklahoma. I look forward to meeting with current and new clients that continue to suffer from man-made earthquakes, caused by fracking waste disposal wells.

This past Saturday was the worse earthquake that Oklahoma has had since the Prague, Oklahoma quake in November, 2011. And still, there is no end in sight. Geoscientists still say that Oklahoma could, and most likely will have a 7.0 magnitude man-made earthquake in its future.

I'm also going to visit with my co-counsel in Oklahoma and develop strategies to continue to push hard for relief from the earthquakes, and moreover, relief in the form of payments for damages caused to homes and businesses. It's certainly past time to end this continuing threat of harm, and to have the industry be a good neighbor and pay for the damages it has caused Oklahomans.

If you would like for me to visit you while I'm in Oklahoma, please email me at I'll try very hard to make it out to your home or business.

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