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The Fight Against Blue Cross Blue Shield over Air Ambulance Benefits

Steel, Wright & Collier focuses a substantial portion of its law practice on health care issues.

Recently, the firm filed a complaint against Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Arkansas ("BCBS") on behalf of its air ambulance clients.

Generally, our complaint alleges that BCBS violates federal law by capping its air ambulance benefits and payouts at $5,000 when true costs range from about $30,000 to $35,000, and by refusing to negotiate with air ambulance companies to become a part of the BCBS network.

BCBS violations of law harm unsuspecting members of BCBS's plans who used air ambulance services in an emergency and are now liable for large balance bills. Moreover, BCBS illegal actions also harmed Air Evac and other air ambulance providers serving patients in Arkansas during health emergencies.

Recently, Arkansas Business wrote about the case and the problems that these practices cause both patients and air ambulance companies throughout Arkansas. The story was written by Mark Friedman and is available at:

Please let Poynter Law Group know if these practices have had a negative effect on you by emailing or calling 501-251-1587.

Poynter Law Group serves as Of Counsel to Steel, Wright & Collier.

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