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What the Frack? Man-Made Earthquakes Are For Real

Scott Poynter February 2015


Imagine that you and your family are watching a football game in your living room. All of a sudden there is a loud noise – as if a helicopter is landing on your roof.  Your home shakes vigorously, pictures fall from the walls, the kitchen cabinets lose their dishes and crash on the now cracking floor.  Your water pipes burst turning your basement into an unintended indoor pool, and the stones facing your two-story fireplace and chimney dislodge and cascade downward onto your lap.  You scream, "What the f#*%!?"



Energy Companies Can Be Sued Over Earthquakes, Oklahoma Supreme Court Says

Wall Street Journal; By Daniel Gilbert  June 30, 2015


The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled Tuesday that a woman injured in a 2011 earthquake can file suit in district court against the two energy companies she accuses of causing the quake.

Oklahoma Supreme Court clears way for earthquake lawsuits against energy companies
Tulsa World; By Randy Krehbiel  July 1, 2015
The state Supreme Court cleared the way Tuesday for lawsuits against two Tulsa-area companies that plaitniffs say are responsible for earthquakes that have shaken central Oklahoma since late 2011.
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