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Providing solutions for businesses and individuals
by defending or prosecuting civil claims involving contracts, fraud, personal injury, wrongful death, product liability, farming issues, environmental harms, medical benefit problems,
consumer issues, antitrust, securities, or employment matters.

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Business Defense and Plaintiff Practice
       Preventive Law

     Genetically Modified Grains




      Statutory foreclosure violations

False Advertising

Health Law:

      Helping physicians and specialty groups

Oil & Gas:

      Aiding victims of man-made earthquakes


      Protecting pharmacists

Poynter Law Group has associated with Poynter Tucker, which is an association with Clarke Tucker Law.  To learn more about Poynter Tucker, please visit its website.

Attorney Profiles


Scott Poynter
Nationally recognized class action/mass injury attorney and trial lawyer.
Elizabeth Poynter
Consumer and family law attorney with strong litigation skills.
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